Friday, February 10, 2012

More Than Anything...

Autism continues to amaze me on a daily basis. Or rather, Reiss continues to amaze me with the unimaginable number of hurdles he has overcome on the road of autism. We have gone from Reiss saying "I-ya" (I love you!) in response to when I would tell him "I love you" when he was a baby, to him not having any meaningful speech, and then later on having only echolalic speech. With the addition of ABA therapy, Reiss then began having meaningful and conversational speech. That's not to say we do not still have our moments of wondering if there is a parrot in the house, but oh, how things have changed!

It is all of those wonderful changes that keep me getting out of bed every single day.

These are the words Reiss sang out as I was putting Rhett into his car seat this morning:

I love Rhett more than anything.
More than sand on the beach.
More than a fish in a cup.
More than me reading a book.
I love Rhett more than anything.

It won't burst my bubble or disappoint me if someone comes along and tells me these are words similar to those in a particular book he may have heard read to him at school. They are still the sweetest words I have heard in a good long time.


Karen said...

That's awesome! My Zach surprised me the other day by verbalilzing a problem instead of simply acting out aggressively...okay, it was only once, but still! :-)

Kelsi said...

That's soo exciting! I love that us moms will NEVER be the type to wish our kids would "just be quiet for 2 minutes" :)

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